HiDialer 2000

What is HiDialer 2000?

       Global networks and almost immediate communication worldwide are as common as toasters and remote controllers these days. It is hardly possible to find a person who have never heard of Internet and related technology.
       As networks grow and technology advances further we tend to switch to broadband connections. However, dial-up connections still seem one of the most appropriate and cost-effective methods for SOHO environments. Modems that operate over common telephone lines are still convenient and robust enough for most home and small office electronic communication needs.
       However, connecting to an ISP using ill-thought built-in Windows tools may be tricky on busy lines. Besides connecting via modem there is a task of keeping the connection alive as long as we want it to be and a task of monitoring connection speed and performance, keeping stats, re-dialing the lost connection and many other tasks a dialing program of our dreams should be able to accomplish. Finding and installing all the required software may take a lot of time. Needless to say purchasing several solutions from different vendors will surely cost you much. So, is there a workaround?
       Yes! There is! Introducing HiDialer 2000, the unique dialing and connectivity software intended to take your modem connection headaches away bringing order to information havoc.
       HiDialer 2000 allows establishing connection to your ISP in several seconds, using its patented dialing technology. Besides its major purpose, the application is capable of synchronizing time with atomic clock, automatically connect, disconnect and re-connect to ISP on failures and log all sessions' times.
       Throw in automatic applications launching on connecting to Internet, convenient scheduling and highly informative stats and you get the right application for all your dialing needs! HiDialer 2000 is available in standard and professional variations providing cost-effective licensing for individuals, companies and ISPs. Purchase your copy today!

HiDialer 2000 features:

Launch programs on connection and close them on disconnection.
Trace all running applications. HiDialer 2000 disconnects if a specified application closes.
Updating your computer clock via the Internet.
Redial multiple phone numbers until a connection is established.
Reconnect every time when ping failure.
Detailed statistics for each Internet connection based on time or traffic rates.
Baud rate (connection speed) display and idle time limit settings.
Automatic Internet connection scheduling by setting the time for connection and disconnection.
Logging for all Internet connections no matter what dialup program you use.
Export your sessions log to HTML and Microsoft Excel compatible formats.
Keep alive function (continuously pings your ISP).
Multilanguage support.
Automatic reconnection if an unexpected disconnection occurs.
Many more convenient, timesaving features.

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