HiDialer 2000

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March 5, 2005, STD&PRO Version 3.2.19 build 1110

Fixed several bugs with Limits
Some insignificant changes.

June 10, 2004, STD&PRO Version 3.2.18 build 1106

Fixed bug with calculating stats for external connections
Fixed bug 'Invalid floating point' on fresh installation

March 24, 2004, STD&PRO Version 3.2.18 build 1104

Fixed bug with Keep-Alive function
Fixed bug with calculating of expenses for traffic
Fixed bug with deactivating of task in Scheduler
Fixed bug with finding dial-up entries under Windows NT
Fixed bug with re-dialing function
Improved tracing of connections and disconnection function
Added 'Check for updates' function (only in Pro version)
Added 'Run shade mode' for hiding main window upon startup
Added 'Megabyte is' setting for each dial-up entry
Improved calculating of traffic
Some cosmetic changes and improvements

November 14, 2003, STD&PRO Version 3.2.14 build 1050

Amended Scheduler.

October 24, 2003, STD&PRO Version 3.2 build 1047

Fixed bug with statistics under Windows XP.
Fixed bug with minimizing of the main window.
Fixed bug with pinging.
Fixed bug with Tip of the day.
Fixed bug with billing in Advanced hint.
Fixed bug with memory leak.
Fixed bug with painting of the charts.
Fixed bug with detecting external connections.
Improved work under Windows 9x.
Improved work of buttons in the main window.
Added new dialing rule : Redial external connections.
Added keep alive number of tries for event.
Now log file is more detailed.
Now IP addresses of client and server are storing in the log file.
Ping result is storing now in the log file.
Many internal changes and optimizations.

August 3, 2003. STD&PRO Version 3.2 build 1025

Fixed bug with 'Minimize on connect' function.
Fixed bug with Hot Keys.
Fixed bug in Launcher(turning on/off 'Allow multiple instances').
Improved settings window.
Added new skin.
Some insignificant changes.

June 1, 2003. PRO Version 3.2 pre-release patch 9

Fixed bug in tracing settings.
Fixed bug with unexpected external disconnection.
Improved view of connection log.
Fixed bug with Autorun function.
Improved work of session limits.
Improved tray popup menu.
Fixed bug in launcher.

April 27, 2003. PRO Version 3.2 beta 7

Fully based on features of HiDialer 2000 standard edition.
Added billing system.
Added session cost limits system.
Improved session log.
Added advanced hint.
Added new tracing feature: tracing open windows.
Improved scheduler.
Improved launcher.
Added tips of the day.
Added export logs to Excel 2000 file format.
Added detailed debug and error log files.
Added backup log files feature.

April 2, 2003. Version 3.0 pre-release build 921

Added new language : Spanish

December 17, 2002. Version 3.0 pre-release build 921

Added new languages : Italian and French

July 28, 2002. Version 3.0 pre-release build 921

Improved work of skins.
Added two additional skins for big screen resolutions.
Fixed bug with scheduler.
Fixed bug with launcher.
Improved work of pop-up menu with keyboard.
Added adjusting of transparency level.
Fixed bug with clearing of statistics.
Fixed bug with autostart of program.
Improved interface of settings window.
Added sounds files.
Several small bugs has been fixed.
Updated help file.

June 07, 2002. Version 3.0 beta 3 build 916

Changed interface of main window.
Fixed bug with dialing on startup.
Fixed bug with 'Ask password before dialing'.
Fixed bug with passwords.
Added start of Windows Make New Connection wizard if there
are no any dial-up connections in system.
Fixed bug with logs.
Some minor bugs were fixed.

May 28, 2002. Version 3.0 beta 2 build 913

Added crypt for dial-up passwords.
Added two new kinds of Session Rates: Traffic and Phone Line.
Now you can set Session Rates by hour and by minute.
Fixed bug with external hangup of connection.
Improved interface of Settings window.
Fixed bug in Launcher: it was impossible to run
applications by clicking Run button.
Fixed bug in Scheduler: if Settings window is opened
the next run time has not been updated.
Stats system now use money currency from Windows
Regional settings.
Added switch for dial in pulse mode.
Now don't show second icon in taskbar when connected.
In phone numbers you can use ,(comma), P, T, and $
For dialing the program now use country code and area
from Windows Dialing Rules settings.
Improved interface some additional windows.
Fixed bug with atomic time.
Added new parameter 'Adjust time once a day'.
Fixed some memory leak.

April 9, 2002. Version 3.0 beta 1 build 888

Beta version of the program. Completely re-written
from the ground up to be even more flexible, secure
and feature packed than its predecesor

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